Adventure in Quelia

God of Chairs
Or ...Chairs!?
Family Reunited
or Aurelius: Stabber of Mothers
  • After landing on the other side of the lake the party proceeded to head into the woods as it began to rain, deciding now isn’t the best time to argue about Aurelius’s dagger.
  • After wandering the forest they arrived at a marshy location with bright red-orange blossoms growing from the ground. After inspection these were the Phoenix Lillie’s the party was after.
  • Vjalhamr charged through the fire the flowers were shooting at him to retrieve the Phoenix Blossoms. Once they were collected the party was set upon by Grizzly Bears and Halflings.
  • After killing some of their enemies Dryad’s came out of the tree’s and demanded the party to leave the forest. Once the party mentioned they are looking for Mother’s Tear, the Dryads led them through a winding path to a majestic clearing with a giant tree in the center. Sitting in a throne of roots at the base of the tree was a 20 foot Dryad Matron who introduced herself as Mother.
  • Once the party explained their request to Mother, she explained that Mother’s Tear is actually the moss growing under her eye. She said she would give it to them, if one of them stayed behind to replace the mesmerized Halfling guard they killed. Vjalhamr put himself forward as the person to stay behind.
  • As this was happening Aurelius was having a small talk with the skull. The skull told him that now is the time they were waiting for. Stab Mother with the magic dagger. Aurelius walked up and recommended himself to stay behind, attracting Mother’s attention to him. Once she was in range he stabbed her in the arm. The dagger wiggled into her flesh and traveled up her arm, disappearing at her shoulder. Her eyes went black and the autumn leaves in her hair began to fall to the ground. Mother looked at Aurelius and thanked him for the help. She proceeded to scratch the moss under her eye and gave it to him. She then commanded the party to leave the forest, and walked back to her throne.
  • Once the party left the grove they had a mighty argument, almost coming to blows over what Aurelius did, but eventually they decided to leave the argument till they left the woods.
  • Once leaving the woods and crossing the lake back to Statun, they decided to stay at Wlteph Horne’s Shop for the night to rest up. Come morning they left for Arnhill.
  • They went directly to the inn to give the plants to Yu Ling. She was thrilled to have them and rewarded the party.
  • Jon offered Yu Ling money if she stayed with them till she made a potion to cure his wifes sight. Yu Ling agreed.
  • Party left Arnhill for Gawic immediately.
  • Party came across a ruined wagon with magical scorch marks and ice all over. It was obviously the slavers wagon. The slavers were dead. After inspection it was revealed someone came up, attacked the wagon, then left with the slaves through a magic portal.
  • Further on the road the party was stopped by Cetus guards. They were looking for Aurelius. Denethil told them he saw Aurelius back at Statun. The guards thanked the party for their help and left.
  • They arrived at Gawic and helped kill zombies on the bridge. The Minotaur from earlier came and also helped. The party won. Party learned that more zombies were down south but not aggressive. Party split.
  • Jon, and Rhian found Jon’s men that he ordered by mail to arrive here. They trained the men.
  • Denethil went to check out the farmland where the zombies were. A farmer offered to show him where the zombies were. Denethil rode back to grab his comrades.
  • Vjalhamr, Aurelius, and Yu Ling checked out the bridge. Vjalhamr found there was a lot of necromantic energy around AND a magic portal. He destroyed the portals anchor and the group went back to town.
  • The group got back together and headed for the farmland. The farmer led them to a ruined watch tower surrounded by zombies carrying farming equipment. Thewre was a young red haired woman using a wand to orchestrate them. it was Lillian! Jon ran to embrace his daughter.
  • While the father and daughter caught up the group went inside the tower, Vjalhamr attempting to not kill every undead he see’s. Once inside they meet Hak. He is happy to see his old friends again. It turns out Hak is the one who rescued the slaves and Lillian. A man upstairs yells for Hak to help him with some potions. Hak goes up and the party follows. The man is none other then Lucky! Its revealed that Lucky and Lillian have become Hak’s apprentices.
The Trek to Statun
or Too Many Tangents
  • The group is met by a Halfling named Wlteph Horne, who asks them to act as security for his wagon of supplies as he heads to his home town of Statun.
  • Jon writes a letter to Akilu.
  • They stay the night at an inn named the Golden Dwarf. Trem visits during the night and hands Rhian a note saying for the party to come to the barracks in the morning for a reward.
  • That night Aurelius has mad dreams where the skull tells him that people are watching his group. They have caught the attention of others.
  • When they awoke they went into the foyer, Rhian noticing there was one extra chair in the room. He dismissed it as something normal and the group carried on.
  • They went to the barracks and met Trem. He led them to a room full of loot for their reward for helping Bardivik with their Fire Beetle problem and other things. On the way out the group donated some spare equipment to the barracks, the guard thanked them for their generosity.
  • They left Bardivik heading for Arnhill. A large storm approached and they headed for a tor named Hightower. Upon entering they realized it was already occupied by 32 Kobolds, two Dwarven men and a male Undine. Decalring Storm Peace the tension was quelled.
  • Jon asked the Dwarves if they had seen any slavers. The Dwarves didnt know of any slavers, but they definatly noticed an Orc heading west towards Arnhill with a group and a large covered wagon.
  • During the night a Daonesian couple entered the Tor, but were not able to speak Quellian to declare Storm Peace. The party assisted the Daonesians and stopped any conflict.
  • In a flash of lightning a chair appeared 100 feet outside of the Tor, facing towards the door. Aurelius and Vjallhamer see this chair and are promptly confused. The skull tells Aurelius once again that someone is watching before it disapears.
  • Come morning everyone leaves Hightower to go their seperate ways. The party resuming their trek to Arnhill.
  • After a couple days they reach their destination. Wlteph explains that they will be stopping here tonight before venturing into the woods, and that he will be staying in the local inn. That party roams the town before they turn into the inn.
  • Aurelius and Rhian stock up on fermented fish for the adventures ahead.
  • Denethil, Jon, and Vjallhamr over hear that the local bookstore clerk has seen an Orc recently and so head in that direction.
  • When they arrive at the bookstore, they find a minotaur standing before the door, staring at the entryway. After attempting to communicate with the obviously non-threatning beast, he gives them a list with titles of books on it. The party enters the store to purchase the books on the list and to ask the clerk if she has seen any Orcs. She mentions that she saw the Orc leave with his group out the west gate, towards Gawik.
  • The party returns to the minotaur and gives him the books from the list. In return he gives the party a bag of rubies and a scroll. The bag was estimated to have 127PP worth of rubies and the scroll contained the following letter:

If you are receiving this note that means you helped this poor beast buy me literature. These gems are me repaying you for the funds you spent on the books, and as a reward for assisting me. Thank you for assisting me, and Minotaur kind

Ehlonna ~ Queen of Minotaurs

  • After these events the whole party returned to the inn except Denethil, who went fishing and brought back fish to eat.
  • When they were eating their meal, Yu Ling came into the inn and joined them in their meal. She was able to remove Denethils horn and she met Jon. She mentions that if the party is heading towards Statun, there are some rare herbs she’d like them to look for. She mentioned that if they returned with the herbs she would give them a present. The herbs are Desna’s Star, Phoenix Blossom, and Mother’s Tear.
  • The party went to bed after their meal. Denethil leaving with a barmaid he chatted up during dinner and Yu Ling stayed in Vjallhamrs room since she had a lack of funds. Denethil got lucky, Vjallhamr “experimented” with potions all night with Yu Ling, and Jon wrote a letter to Akilu requesting a status update, along with a letter to his wife.
  • Come morning they continued towards Statun, through the woods. Along the way they were able to find some Desna’s Star.
  • After two days of trekking in the forest they came upon Statun. After unloading Wlteph’s goods he payed them with a bonus, and mentioned his mother is the local “Plant Lady” and she might be able to help them with their search for these herbs.
  • Upon meeting the Plant Lady she mentioned that Phoenix Blossom grows on Phoenix Lilies, while Mother’s Tear grows on “wood people” from the deeper forest. She mentioned that if they crossed the lake, they would be near both of them. Upon finding a “Boat Man” they sailed across the large lake. Along the way a chair fell out of the sky and splashed into the water, sinking to the depths. After this the party had a lively discussion about Aurelius’s magic dagger and the skull that’s been following him, finally realizing that he might not be crazy and talking to himself. During the discussion the boat landed on the other side of the lake, and the party prepared for the next step of their adventure.
The Search Continues
or Taken 4: Liam Neeson in the Dwarven City
  • The party continued on their way to Bardivik, a major storm approaching from the sea. They entered one of the two tunnels that leads to the city and were met by Dwarven guards. After being allowed in the city, one of the guards, Trem, asked to see Denethil in a bit at the Burning Gut
  • The party went to the Burning Gut to get information.
  • The scout group found the Magniers and seperated the leader from his bodyguards. They then brought him to the Burning Gut, where they interrogated him for information about Jons daughter. He spilled the beans and they learned they sold his daughter to the Kemerinks.
  • learned that the Kemerinks were seen talking to a Dwarven miner, who is in a collapsed mine.
  • Denethil talks to Trem and discusses his sister marriage. Super Best Friends.
  • Enters mine, kills beetles , finds dwarf, questions dwarf, he gave Kemerinks location.
  • Find Kerminks and interrogates them. Learns daughter was sold to Slavers.
  • Details on slavers. One was an Orc. One had a scar on his face. One had a flaming sword. They headed west.
  • Denthil grew a horn from drinking Yu Ling’s potion.
Search for the Daughter
or Bandit! Thy Name is Lucky!

The party started their morning with their normal routines in the Tipsy Whale. Denethil and Aurelius left for the Rookie Jousting Tourney, while Rhian Crento and Vjalhamr the Grim left to check out the remains of a house that burnt down.

At the tournament they met the tailor and she gave them enchanted mantles to wear during the match. Besides them were other Cetus residents and guards who wanted to prove their worth. Denethil easily worked his way through the tourney until he was paired with Sire Giles in the finals. After a tough match Sir Giles came out the victor, Denethil earning second place. The top three contestants were called to the V.I.P. box and were congratulated by Knight Cetus himself. He gave Denthil A silver medal engraved with a whale. Sir Giles was awarded a gold medal and a lance beautifully engraved with whales.

After the tournament Denethil and Aurelius were approached by a man in a mask calling himself Jon Dirchs. He has been looking for the much talked about Denethil and his party to ask if they would allow him to join them as he looks for his daughter. Conversation between Aurelius and Jon quickly turns sour.

Meanwhile, Rhian and Vjalhamr gathered information about the burned down home from onlookers and guards, and learned that the Magniers had something to do with it. After finding and kidnapping one of the Magniers, they got the information they needed. The Magniers burned down the home and stole away the daughter, taking her to Bardivik. After learning what they needed they killed the man and dumped his body in the ocean. They then went in search of Denethil and Aurelius. Finding them having an argument with some strange man.

After they all cooled down they discussed what they all learned. The home and daughter were actually Jon’s. They decided they would bring Jon with them and help him rescue his daughter. They left Cetus that moment towards Bardivik. Along the road they were ambushed by a large gang of thugs, led by none other the bandit who keeps evading them. During the battle the bandit managed to escape them yet again. After looting the bodies it was decided that the bandits name would be known as Lucky.

Side Quest Time!
or Aurelius: The Game

Due to the fact so many little things happend this game, I’m going to list the events by player.

Rhian Crento

  • Took a job to help farmer save his cattle.
  • Found the source of the cattle deaths, a wolf.
  • Befriended wolf.
  • Farmer rewarded Rhian with free eggs, meat, and milk.
  • Took a bounty to hunt down a thief.
  • Turned “thief” in for reward.

Vjalhamr the Grim

  • Saw Aurelius sneaking around the halls.
  • Had a magic Blacksmith grant his sword speech.
  • Helped Rhian out on his bounty job.
  • Learned of a Fire Beetle problem in Bardivik.


  • Snuck into the Cetus Institute of the Arcane.
  • Found out they keep interesting stuff in the top floors of the towers. Also found out the way up was blocked by a barrier.
  • Talked to students to find a way up. Stole a girls badge.
  • Went up the tower, opening random doors. Eventually found a room with a giant skull in it. The skull greeted him by name. Promptly shut the door.
  • Started seeing skulls everywhere.
  • Found an office with a skull floating in a chair. It gifted Aurelius a bone knife. Voices were heard outside the room so he grabbed the skull and bolted towards a window.
  • Spider climbed all the way down the tower and escaped.
  • Now sees skulls everywhere.
  • Got someone else taken away by gold armoured mages for his crime.
  • Offered to be Denethils squire for the jousting tourney.


  • Visited a magic shop and bought a new mace.
  • Signed up for a jousting tourney between rookies.
  • Visited the Quilted Whale to get a cape made.
First Quest... COMPLETE!!!
or How Do I Resolve Crits Again?

Aurelius and Vjalhamr the Grim finally made it into the Kobold treasure room, only to be held up as the Kobold leading them takes forever to open the chests containing the treasure. Back at the front of the cave Denethil and Rhian Crento were waiting for the rest of the party to return, when they heard women’s voices coming from the cave entrance. It was the women they had saved, making their way out of the storm. Denethil was able to convince the Kobold to let them stay in the cavern with them. The women thanked Denethil and Rhian for rescuing them from their captors.

At the treasure room, the Kobold was finally able to open the chests, revealing piles of loot. In that loot was the stone that looked like a ruby, the stone they had been seeking. With some careful negotiations, Vjallhamr traded an enchanted Gold Coin (using Prestidigitation to make the coin impossibly shiny and warm to the touch) for the stone. That’s when they heard a bellowing roar throughout the cave. Two bears had made their way into the cave out of the storm and began attacking anything they saw. Denethil and Rhian sprang to action to hold off the bears till the others arrived. Vjallhamr and the buttery Kobold ran as fast as they could to the front of the cave, Aurelius stayed behind to “borrow” a few things from the treasury before he joined them. Using a secret pathway, Vjallhamr and Aurelius jumped from a high vantage point into the fray, coming to the aid of their companions. Aurelius jumped on the back of a bear and rode him, stabbing him in the back and neck. Eventually the bears were driven from the cave, the Kobolds yipped in victory. The buttery Kobold raising his legendary coin high in the air, thanking the great dragon Rithhankil for their victory (Rithankill being a story that Vjallhamr made up to make the coin seem legendary).

The party decided they would need to find another place to stay for the night, for they didnt want to be around when the Prestidigitation on the Kobolds coin ended. Rhian went out and weathered the storm. When he returned he said he found a small cave they could stay in. The party and the three women make their way to the small cave. Everybody gets some rest, although it was difficult with Aurelius and the three women making noise all night.

Come morning the storm ended, the air is brisk, and the party begins making its way back to Cetus. Along the way they are ambushed by mercenaries, they heard about the old mans request and decided that they would kill the party for the stone. Among them was the bandit that got away from a few nights ago. After a bloody battle, the party won. The mercenary leader lay dead with a few of his men, the rest escaped. The bandit once again escaped.

Once the party returned to Cetus, they noticed about 20 large tents outside its walls. These belonged to the Daonesian refugees who were not able to pay for room and didn’t know where to go. Once inside the walls they headed for the Tipsy Whale. They found the old man inside the bar speaking to the barkeep. He asked to complete the deal outside. Once outside the old man gave them a bag containing 100 Platinum Pieces. Aurelius (who stole the stone from Vjalhamr back in the cave while he was asleep) gave the stone to the old man. The man thanked the party then proceeded to strike the stone against the wall of the bar, shattering the stone. The stone unleashed a ruby dust that seemed to swirl around the old man, his back straightened, he grew about two feet taller. He flipped back the hood on his cloak to reveal that he is now around his mid 30’s. He pulls a cane from his cloak and fixes his tightened clothes. He thanks the group for their assistance and introduces himself to the party, staning his name is Hak. He mentions that the stone cured him of the greatest disease of all. Age. He says that he may have more work for the party in the future and tells them to say hello to Yu Ling for him. He spins his cane and taps it on the ground, releasing a quick puff of smoke. When the smoke clears he is gone. The party is left in front of the Tipsy Whale alone.

Adventure... START!
or How to Butter Kobolds Before Cooking

The party starts its adventure in the Tipsy Whale, a bar in the docking district of Cetus. They have all come in search of adventure and a group to share it with. As the night went on an old man came in with a quest. He was looking for someone to bring him a magic stone that gleams like a ruby, rumored to be inside a Kobold cave to the north. The adventurers all accepted and decided to set out the next morning. After introducing each other and checking the job board, they all retired for the night.

They rode off early the next morning and discovered they were not alone. Many refugees from the eastern nation of Daos were also leaving Cetus. They came here from their war torn nation and are looking for a new life in Quelia. The party helped a few refugees make their way north, acting as their guards. They also met a young woman named Yu Ling, who gave them five potions for free, so long as they tested them and reported the results to her later. After a day they split ways with the refugees and made camp. That night some food was stolen from their packs.

They discovered bandits with woman tied up at their camp. The party knew this group of bandits to be the same group of bandits that have a bounty on their head, thanks to the job board. The party defeated the bandits and cut the women loose. Unfortunately the women and the party lost sight of each other in the dark night, and separated. One of the bandits was able to escape.

Eventually they made their way to the Kobold cave. It was a particularly stormy day so Vjalhamr the Grim spoke in draconic to the Kobold guards, declaring Storm-Peace. The Kobolds acknowledged the Storm Peace and allowed them to stay in the first room of their cavern. Denethil convinced the Kobolds to let them a bit deeper into the cave, as his Elk was “frightened by the thunder”. After being led to the next room, Aurelius (using Vjalhamr as a translator) besieged a Kobold with compliments, till the Kobold was so buttered up that he allowed Aurelius and Vjalhamr a tour of the caves. The Kobold led them through many rooms and, after being convinced and slathered in buttery compliments, agreed to show them the treasury.

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