Male Wood Elf Knight


Denethil was born in the town Treeshade, a village in the Wood Elf forests. Being a fairly small village consisting of only about 200 people, growing up was hard. A common education and childish mistakes was his way of maturing, as was common among the village. But, through trial and error, he eventually learned to be quite the convincing person. He was designated to be a simple cow herder, but he managed to convince the head of the tribe that he’d do much more for the village as a part of the town guard. But truly…even a child could have convinced him that he would have more use there. With all the brigands and monsters lurking around, anyone that could properly use a bow or sword was in high demand. Any trespassers with ill intent were quickly dispatched by the elves; their people knew the land too well for any trespasser to survive for more than a night. And, of course, no fellow elf would dare rebel against their own people, there was no reason to. Except the Savage Elves, of course, but only a degenerate would consider them even half of an elf.

It was hard to defend the town, but after one hundred years of it, you get kind of used to it. So many brigands killed, kobolds slain, monsters crushed…and even a friend made. The elks that inhabit the forest are sacred among his people. Forbidden to be killed, or even touched unless it’s required for a ceremony. After performing so many deeds and keeping his people safe for so long, it was to be arranged that he get a mount of his own to ride through the forest, just as the other Guardians of the Bark did before him. This is the highest honor his people could bestow upon him, and he was more than happy to accept. The ceremony requires the Guardian to go out and find the herd of elk, choose the one that he was to ride, then tame it. After three nights of tracking the herd, he finally came across them. Used to his people and fairly intelligent, they knew what he was here for. A young elk emerged from the larger ones, offering himself as the chosen elk for the young elf. An hour of riding and breaking later, the elk finally broke and submitted himself to Denethil, becoming his permanent mount. Their journey was going to be a long one, but at least they’d have each other.

Receiving the elk was well timed, in truth. He had reached “that” age. The age where his people send him off to learn from the outsiders, the outsiders being the kind of people he had learned to despise after killing so many of them from trespassing. Forty years, the sentence was. To abandon his people and gain experience. And if lucky…survive.

Nine years away from his home, so far. He’d done all right, considering. A long journey to Theags at first, but smooth sailing from there after joining the town guard…again. But this time, it didn’t feel all high and mighty. It almost felt like an insult. Protecting the filthy scum that inhabited the city…‘twas a true pain to endure. Truly, the only reason he did it in the first place was the decent pay and the possible chance of saving a fellow elf’s life, maybe another one cast out from his village and on their journey. As it turned out, that fantasy was never to be fulfilled. In fact, it was hard, tedious work with pretty awful pay. Not something an elf like him deserves. So he’d had it, quit his job and went straight to the Tipsy Whale for something to wash away the disappointment he’d experienced in the town guard.


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