Rhian Crento

Male Dhampir Bounty Hunter


- Home City: Crento

Abandoned at infancy by either his birth mother, assuming she even survived the childbirth, or her family.

Spent most of it living on his own as an orphan in the city streets. Sustained himself through rare and occasional charitable acts from others (which he suspects are borne from pity more than anything else) and through pick pocketing. As he made use of the little money he “earned”, he learned that while he may never earn respect on a wide scale due to what he is, money speaks quite well to people no matter what you are and having a lot of it may be the next best thing.

Around his adolescent years, he developed his skills in archery and swordplay through watching the City Guard’s practice drills and following them on their assignments in secret. He further refined this through self-teaching and practice, as well as occasional aid from few who tolerated his presence and believed that he may be of use them.

Not wanting to risk his own life by surviving through the theft of other’s gains, he eventually becomes a bounty hunter taking up jobs and marks within and around the city. He finds the job an appropriate fit, as those who give out the bounties generally have little concern for what you are as long as you get the job done.

Gaining infamy for his somewhat brutal efficiency when hunting for his marks, he began to earn an even worse reputation in Crento than he would have just by being a Dhampir alone. Rhian soon finds this to be a hassle and an endangerment to his daily life, and eventually decides upon quitting bounty hunting as a full time profession and venturing outside of Crento’s walls to seek fortune and his place in the world elsewhere.

Rhian Crento

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