Vjalhamr the Grim

Male Reaper Nomad


Vjalhamr, called the Grim by his peers, was born amongst the Morkai Tribe, about three weeks travel north from the port of Cetus. The tribe itself is well known among those in the area, and if one can get past the barbarous looks they would be hard pressed to find a more helpful tribe. The Morkai are known for their gregariousness, being a cheerful lot despite their supposed savage nature, and are willing to help those in need.

Twenty eight years ago, Vjalhamr was born to Kjarl Eireksson and Sigrun the Shield Maiden, two warriors that had earned honor and reknown amongst he tribe. That being said, they knew their child was marked for destiny, as the tribes shaman, Ohthere Wyrdmake, recognized Vjalhamr for what he truly was. Since then, as Vjalhamr grew up and learned more about why he was different then the other children… as well as what his ultimate place in the tribe will be.

Though Vjalhamr has all the same passions and emotions that everyone has, he experiences them differently then the others. Since he was a child, he found that he had difficulties opening up to most members of his tribe, with his peers soon giving him the epitaph the Grim, something that Vjalhamr took with pride.

Othere Wyrdmake saw that Vjalhamr had a talent for magic early on in his childhood, and soon began to teach the young Reaper as best as he could, but their magics were different then what Vjalhamr, with Vjalhamrs being arcane in nature whereas Ohthere gets his magic from the gods. While Vjalhamr does have the gift of magic, he is just as proficient with blade in hand as he is with magic. Magic wasn’t the only thing that Ohthere Wyrdmake taught Vjalhamr, the shaman teaching the young Reaper how to fight, as well as to read and speak a variety of languages during his tutelage.

When Vjalhamr turned twenty seven, Ohthere Wyrdmake explained to him what his future duties would be, namely with helping the souls of fallen tribesmen make it to the afterlife where they can join their peers in a never ending paradise of feasting and fighting. To better do that, and to gain more experience and knowledge with his magical skills, Ohthere tasked Vjalhamr with leaving the tribe for a few years, until Vjalhamr felt ready to come back to the tribe. While Vjalhamr was nervous, for he had never really experienced what life was like in the southern lands, he agreed to do so. After one final feast with his family and with the few true friends he had in the tribe, he left, heading south, though not before his mentor gave him a parting gift. A sword that had supposedly belonged to Erik Morkai, the founder of the tribe and passed down to those that the shamans believed worthy. This was both a gift, and a promise. The blade must always remain in Morkai hands, and Vjalhamr risked bringing shame and dishonor to his tribe and family should he fail to return, alive, with that blade.

He had heard of the great port city of Cetus, though it took him a year to finally arrive. Part of it was him getting lost several times, though the other part was him doing mercenary work for gold so he could feed himself. It was during this time that he discovered his hatred of most forms of undead, and the foul magics that summoned the creatures. He has found a small handful of undead that aren’t like their peers, that try and do good, but all the same he is still wary around most of them, having seen far more examples of the undead that cause harm then the ones that go out of their way to help. But soon enough, he found himself at the Tipsy Whale in Cetus, offering his own services and finding himself missing the camaraderie of his tribe, and hoping to find a few like minded souls that he could travel with.

Vjalhamr the Grim

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