Adventure in Quelia

Side Quest Time!

or Aurelius: The Game

Due to the fact so many little things happend this game, I’m going to list the events by player.

Rhian Crento

  • Took a job to help farmer save his cattle.
  • Found the source of the cattle deaths, a wolf.
  • Befriended wolf.
  • Farmer rewarded Rhian with free eggs, meat, and milk.
  • Took a bounty to hunt down a thief.
  • Turned “thief” in for reward.

Vjalhamr the Grim

  • Saw Aurelius sneaking around the halls.
  • Had a magic Blacksmith grant his sword speech.
  • Helped Rhian out on his bounty job.
  • Learned of a Fire Beetle problem in Bardivik.


  • Snuck into the Cetus Institute of the Arcane.
  • Found out they keep interesting stuff in the top floors of the towers. Also found out the way up was blocked by a barrier.
  • Talked to students to find a way up. Stole a girls badge.
  • Went up the tower, opening random doors. Eventually found a room with a giant skull in it. The skull greeted him by name. Promptly shut the door.
  • Started seeing skulls everywhere.
  • Found an office with a skull floating in a chair. It gifted Aurelius a bone knife. Voices were heard outside the room so he grabbed the skull and bolted towards a window.
  • Spider climbed all the way down the tower and escaped.
  • Now sees skulls everywhere.
  • Got someone else taken away by gold armoured mages for his crime.
  • Offered to be Denethils squire for the jousting tourney.


  • Visited a magic shop and bought a new mace.
  • Signed up for a jousting tourney between rookies.
  • Visited the Quilted Whale to get a cape made.


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